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Lord Ramacandra Conquers Over Ravana

Jaya Radha Madhava Kunj-Bihari
Gopi-Jana-Vallabha, Giri-var dhari
Yasoda-Nandana, Braja-jana Ranjana
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna Krishna, Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare.
Nitai Gaura Hari Haribol
Jaya Jaya Prabhupada
Jaya Om Visnu Pada Paramahamsa
Pariracarya astottara-sata Sri Srimad Abhay Caranavrnda Bhaktivedanta
Swami Prabhupada ki jaya
Ananta-koti Vaisnava vrnda ki jaya, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai ki jaya
Sri Sri Sita Rama Laxmana Hanuman ki jaya
Sri Sri Radha Rasa Bihari hi jaya
Grantha Raja Srimad Bhagvatam ki jaya
Sri Ramacandra Vijayotsava ki jaya
Gaura Premande Hari Haribol
All glories to the assembled devotees
All glories to the assembled devotees
All glories to the assembled devotees
All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Nama om visnu-padaya krsna-prosthetic bhu-tale
Srimate bhaktivedanta-svamin iti namine
Namaste sarasvate deve gaura-vani-procaine
Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya
Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya
Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya
SB 4th Canto, Chapter 25, The Characteristics of King Puranjana text 46.
Panca dvaras tu paurastya
Daksinaika tathottara
Pascime dve amusam te
Namani nrpa varnaye
Panca-five; dvarah-doors; tu-then; paurastyah-facing the eastern side;
daksina-southern; eka-one; tatha-also; uttara-one toward the north;
pascime-similarly, on the western side; dve-two; amusam-of them; te-unto you;namaninames; nrpa-O King; varnaye-I shall describe.
Translation by His Divine Grace Srila Praphupada
My dear King, of the nine doors, five led toward the eastern side, one led
toward the northern side, one led toward the southern side, and two led toward the
western side. I shall try to give the names of these different doors. Please repeat after me.
Purport by Srila Prabhupada
Of the seven doors on the surface – namely the two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and one
mouth – five look forward, and these are described as the doors facing the eastern side.
Since looking forward means seeing the sun, these are described as the eastern gates, for
the sun rises in the east. The gate on the northern side and the gate on the southern side
represent the two ears, and the two gates facing the western side represent the rectum and
the genitals. All the doors and gates are described below.
So Narada Muni is telling Kind Pracinabarhi about the city of nine gates,
where Puranjana was dwelling. So who is Puranjana? Puranjana is the
living entity and what is the city of the nine gates? The human body. The
human body has nine gates, nine doors, nine outlets for the senses to function. Those nine
knowledge acquiring senses are two eyes, two nostrils, one mouth, two ears and anus and
genitals. These are the senses through which Puranjana, the living entity tries to enjoy in
the human body. The consciousness tries to exploit the external material nature through
these nine gates in the human body. These are all actually, these nine gates are not all the
knowledge acquiring, some are knowledge and some are working. Like rectum and
genitals are the working senses. So the living entity is trying to enjoy in this material
nature in the human form, achieving the human body. And this has been very
wonderfully described by Narada Muni and ultimately Narada Muni is leading to the
ultimate goal of life.
Puranjana was trying to enjoy. The living entity is trying to enjoy and the best possibility
of enjoyment, the best kind of facilities for enjoyment is provided when? In the human
form of life. When one gets the human body, he gets the most wonderful opportunity to
enjoy in this material nature. But at the same time he also gets an opportunity to finish
all his business in the material nature which is nothing but a prison house. So Puranjana
in his next life we will see that how he will fullfil that goal of life. In this life Puranjana
was completely lost in his sense gratification. In the city of nine gates he was trying to
enjoy as the lord and master with his queen. As a king with his queen.
Jai Sri Sri Gaura Nitai ki jaya
Jai Sri Sri Radha Ras Bihari ki jaya
Jai Sri Sri Sita Ram Laxman Hanuman ki jaya
And more elaborately this.this will be explained in the following verses that’s what is
forecast. Narada Muni is telling King Pracinabarhi that how in the next few verses he
will describe the names of those gates and the names of those gates are actually
synonymous to the purpose and function of these gates.
So today also is Vijaya Dasami, which is also known as Rama Vijaya utsava, it is also
known as Daseraha, as Dushera. And so today is the day we celebrate Ramacandra’s
victory over Ravana. Ramacandra is none other than the Supreme Personality of
Godhead. Although in Ramacandra’s pastimes we find that Ramacandra is not really
revealing His identity as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is just acting as an
ordinary person. Say for example when Indra sent Him the chariot to fight with Ravana
then Rama was directing Matali, the chariot driver: “Go close to Ravana, go this way, go
that way, and then Rama, Ramacandra felt very bad that. He is instructing the chariot
driver of Indra, who is a very exalted personality. He is a chariot driver of Indra. So he
apologized, he said please don’t mind I am directing you, I am commanding you, I’m
instructing you. After all, you’re such an exalted personality, you’re the charioteer of
Indra. So this is how Ramacandra is performing His pastimes too.
Why does the Supreme Personality of Godhead come? He comes to paritranaya
sadhunam, vinasaya ca duskrtam, He comes to annihilate the demons and protect His
devotees. And we can go back further, like once, Jaya and Vijaya, two gatekeepers
desired to give the Lord a chance to experience the mellow of chivalry. The mellow of
chivalry the Lord cannot experience in Vaikuntha because in Vaikuntha no one fights
with Him. So Jaya and Vijaya felt that this is one mellow that the Lord is not
experiencing. It would be so nice if we could give Him, if we could enable Him to
experience the mellow of chivalry. And then by the arrangement of Yoga Maya all
kinds of wonderful things started to happen!
Four Kumaras appeared at the gate of Vaikuntha and Jaya and Vijaya obstructed their
entry because they appeared to be just like four lttle children wandering around naked.
And they felt that in this way you cannot enter Vaikuntha. And this is no place for just
some, just some loafing children.
So they stopped them and the four Kumaras became very upset and said that “You are not
fit to remain in Vaikuntha. You are not fit to be the gate keepers of the Supreme
Personality of Godhead. So, you fall down and you take birth as human beings, you take
birth in the earth planet, the lower regions of the material nature. And as a result of that,
Jaya and Vijaya appeared in Satya Yuga as Hiranyaksa and Hiranyakasipu, in Treta-yuga
as Ravana and Kumbakharna and in Dvapara Yuga they appeared as Sisupala and
In this way, what did they do ? They enabled the Lord to experience the mellow of
chivalry. What a terrible fight they gave to the Lord! And they appeared as demons!
Appearing as a demon, they caused so much distress to this world and to so many
people. Well, this is the arrangement of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So,
ultimately we have to see that all this was happening by the divine arrangements of Yoga
Maya, in order to enhance the pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
Ravana, as you know, became extremely powerful with the boon of Lord Brahma.
Ravana performed severe austerities for ten years. And after completion of one year he
would chop off one head and he would offer it into the sacrificial fire. For nine years he
offered nine heads, at the end of nine years of sacrifice and performing austerities. And
then on the tenth year, when Ravana was about to offer his tenth head, then Lord Brahma
appeared. Brahma asked Ravana, “Why are you doing that? Why are you performing
such ghastly austerities? What do you want ?” “Ravana said I want to become immortal.
Brahma reminded him that he does not have the ability to grant immortality to anybody.
In this material nature, everyone, including himself is susceptible to death!
Then, Ravana somehow got some benediction which was almost as being immortal.
Ravana had a storage of nectar in his heart and as a result of that he became almost
immortal. The boon he got was that if one head was cut off, another head would
reappear. So by cutting his head no one would be able to kill him. And Ravana became
extremely powerful. And he defeated, with this power he defeated. The first person he
defeated was his own half-brother, Kuvera. Because Kuvera was occupying Lanka,
which was actually designed for the Raksasas and demons.
There were three original demons, Mali, Sumali and Malyavan. They were residing in
Lanka originally. But then, when, by the influence of the Lord, they saw His
inconceivable power, they ran away to the lower regions. And in the mean time, Kuvera,
by performing austerities, he became very powerful. He wanted to have the position of a
dikhpala. Dikhpala, there are four dikhpalas : Varuna, Indra, [inaudible] and the fourth
one is Kuvera. When Kuvera asked his father, Kulastha, where he should live, then
Kulastha said he should go and reside in Lanka. Kuvera started to reside in Lanka.
And in the mean time Brahma also asked Kuvera, “Kuvera, what do you want”, after
being satisfied with his performance of austerities. So, Kuvera said I want to be one of
the Dikpalas. So, Brahma said :”Yes, there is a need for a fourth dikpala. So, you
become a dikhpala. In this way, Kuvera became a dikpala and Kuvera was occupying
So, when Ravana came back after acquiring such inconceivable power and he was being
instigated by Sumali. You are our successor, you are our hope, so you go and occupy
Lanka. So Ravana was first reluctant, he said : “Well, Kuvera is my brother” How can I
take it away from him.
But being induced by Sumali, Kuvera ultimately went and . Then Kuvera said :”Look I
received this place from my father, who is also your father. So, let us live together as
brothers. But Ravana said :”No, I want this whole place for myself. And a fight ensued
and in that battle Kuvera was defeated. So, Kuvera escaped from Lanka and he went to
Kailash to take shelter of Lord Shiva. Kuvera was also a great devotee of Lord Shiva. So
after that Ravana actually started to conquer the three worlds. He went and attacked the
heavenly planets. Indra had a tough time. He attacked all the big, big kings, but no one
was a match to Ravana.
Many kings, including Ramacandra’s forefather Anaranya, was killed by Ravana. And
while dying Anarayana cursed him : “Your death will take place in my family. A great
personality will appear in my dynasty and you will die in his hands. So, then Ravana
attacked Yamaraja. And Ravana was giving Yamaraja a tough time. Yamaraja’s soldiers
were defeated by Ravana. Finally, Yamaraja came with his Yamadanda. This
yamadanda, the stick of Yamaraja. Whoever he touches with his yamadanda he is bound
to die. Yama came with his yamadanda and he was about to kill Ravana. At that time
Brahma came. And he will not be killed in your hand. I gave him a boon that he will not
be killed by any demigod, he won’t be killed by any rakshasa, daitya, naga. He is not
going to be killen by any of them. Only Ravana forgot to ask the boon that he will not be
killed by human beings and animals. If you kill him, then my benediction that I gave him
will be nullified, that will create a heavoc, that will create a disaster in the universal
affairs.. You don’t kill him. And he assured him that the Lord will come in a human form
and He will be assisted by the animals like monkeys and bears. That is how he will be
defeated. So, wait for some time. So Yamaraja then just disappeared from the battlefield.
And Ravana thought he even defeated Yamaraja.
So in this way Ravana went conquering everybody. Ravana was also causing a lot of
distress to the saintly people, the sages who were performing austerities. Ravana then
appeared to Mount Kailash. He was actually passing through Mount Kailash, and at that
time Nandi told him that no Lord Siva is sporting with Parvati and no-one should come
here at this time. So Ravana said,”Who cares for your Lord Siva, I decide what I do I do
not accept any order from anybody else”. So in this way Ravana and Nandi had some
disagreement and finally Ravana tried to lift the mountain. He was so powerful that he
could even lift Kailash, and when he did that, Parvati was sitting next to Lord Siva and
Parvati lost her balance and she just held on to Lord Siva and she was surprised what
Lord Siva knew what happened. So with his toe he just pressed the mountain top and it
smashed Ravana’s hands. The twenty hands of Ravana were smashed. He started to
scream in pain, and then his ministers told what actually happened and they said that start
singing the glory of Lord Siva instead of screaming in pain. So Ravana who also is a very
accomplished singer so he started to sing the glory of Lord Siva. And Lord Siva who is
Asutosh who is very quickly pleased, he was pleased. Not only he released his pressure
of his toe and let Ravana be relieved of his hands being pressed under the mountain but
he was also was very, very pleased with Ravana.
And Ravana was causing all kinds of distresses, he was like any other extremely
materialistic person, he was very lusty, wherever he would see any beautiful woman, he
would just kidnap them and not only that he would kill the girl’s family members. In this
way he took away many celestial damsels, many daughters of rsis and many daughters of
kings and in this way Ravana was married to many, many women, thousands of women
were there in his palace.
One day Ravana was flying with his pushpak vimana, and that also an important thing to
remember. When Ravana defeated Kuvera, this pushpaka chariot belongs to Kuvera, so
when Ravana defeated Kuvera, he took away the chariot, the chariot that could fly
through the sky, with the speed of the mind and following the dictations of the driver, the
person who is in the chariot. And we can also see that it was not a small little thing,
flying machine, it has an unlimited space also, this chariot could assume any dimension
according to the need. If one person was driving it was according to that space, but if
twenty persons were on the chariot it would expand, it would become bigger. Like for
example when Ramacandra wanted to go when He wanted to go to Ayodhya He wanted
to take all the monkeys with Him, and all the monkeys fitted into the pushpaka vimana
and then while He was flying over Kishkindha, He recalled : ‘This is where the monkeys
were and this is where we spent four months of caturmasya, on the Rishamukha
mountain, and when He was telling that to Sita, then Sita desired that all the monkeys’
wives should also come to Ayodhya with Them. So Rama stopped the chariot and all the
monkeys’ wives were also invited into the chariot and they all flew in, into Ayodhya.
So anyway when pushpak was flying above Himalayan mountain then on the valley of
the Himalayas, Ravana saw one extremely beautiful woman, was performing austerities
all by herself. So Ravana wanted to kidnap her. He went and asked, “Who are you?” So
she identified herself as Vedavati, a daughter of a king, who was actually performing
austerities and became a sage and she wanted to have the Supreme Personality of
Godhead as her husband. And Ravana said, “Why the Supreme Personality of Godhead?
I am the Supreme Personality of Godhead, so you become my wife”. She said, “No, no
the Supreme Personality of Godhead is Narayana, I want to be His wife.” When Ravana
could not convince her, he tried to forcibly molest her. He grabbed her by her hair, but
Vedavati with her mystic power, she turned her hand into a sword and cut off her hair
that Ravana was holding and she announced that now with your touch this body has
become contaminated and with this body I do not want to receive Narayana. Saying that
she entered into fire, she generated a fire from her body and she left her body. And while
leaving her body she said, “I will come back again and I will be the cause of your death.”
And this Vedavati became Sita, Janaki, the daughter of King Janaka.
In course of time, Janaki was married to Lord Ramacandra and there was another
arrangement of Yogamaya and as a result of that Ramacandra was banished to the forest
for 14 years. Ramacandra had to go to the forest for 14 years. After that intrigue, due to
that intrigue Ramacandra had to go to the forest and Ravana stole Sita, took her to Lanka.
And then while searching for Sita, Ramacandra came across the monkeys in the
Rishamukha mountain, and He made friends, He made alliance with the king of the
monkeys, Sugr iva, who was also bereft of his wife and banished by his brother who stole
away his wife, Bali, so then Rama actually killed Bali on behalf of Sugriva and made
Sugriva the king of the monkeys, and with that force, with the monkey soldiers Ravana
was attacked in Lanka by Lord Ramacandra. The battle continued for some time and
Ravana was so convinced that this one human being, actually Ravana did not ask any
immunity from any human beings when he was asking for the boon from Brahma
because in his eyes humans beings are so insignificant, he never really thought much of
the human beings. So he thought just two human beings and a bunch of monkeys what
can they do to me?
He made a big calculation, he failed to recognise this particular human being and His
brother, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krsna. Vasudeva and Sankarsana appeared
as Rama and Laksmana. So there was an attack on Lanka and Ravana started to loose,
Ravana who was defeating even the demigods, Indrajit, he took Indra as a captive and
brought him to Lanka therefore he got the name Indrajit one who defeated Indra. And he
was so powerful and he was also practically immortal. And Kumbhakarna, another
personality, he was so powerful. And Ravana’s generals like Prahash, they all were such
powerful personalities, they could encounter with the demigods and defeat them. But
these two human being started to annihilate Ravana’s entire army with a bunch of
monkeys who did not have any weapons to fight with. Ravana’s soldiers were equipped
with the most sophisticated weapons which could actually deal with the demigods. But
here, these monkeys they did not even have any sword or spears or arrows or bows. They
were just fighting with uprooted trees and stones, bolders,big, big bolders. That’s what
happens when one acts for the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he becomes empowered
in the most wonderful ways. They were empowered by the Lord’s internal potency, the
Lord’s spiritual potency.   They were just throwing stones but those stones were more
powerful than the thunder. And they are killing the rakshasas in the thousands. And of
course we have to also remember that these monkeys are not ordinary personalities. Like
for example Sugr iva, when he went, when he saw Ravana, after building the bridge to
cross the ocean, they came unto the Subhala mountain and from there they could see
Lanka from top. He saw Ravana observing the situation from the northern gate of Lanka.
And as soon as Sugriva saw that, Sugriva just jumped and he landed in front of Ravana
and he gave him such a smack that Ravana’s crown went flying and he started to real.
Ravana who is so powerful that one smack of Sugriva almost made him faint. And of
course Ravana got back his composure. And then theys started to fight, wrestle with each
other. And they fell onto the ground from the gate. And Ravana saw that Sugriva was
more powerful, he could not defeat Sugriva. Then he wanted to use his illusory energy
and he disappeared. When Sugriva realised that now he is going to use his illusory energy
to fight with him, he jumped back to Ramacandra.
Rama was very upset with Sugriva. He said, You should not act in such hasty ways.
You should not act so irresponsibly. You are the king. What would have happened if
you died. Then our whole mission would have been lost. Because without a king you
cannot fight a battle. So this is the point, these monkeys are not ordinary individuals.
They all are different demigods who appeared as monkeys to confront Ravana. So this is
how monkeys were actually causing a havoc to Ravana.
Anyway, at the end of the battle all the big generals were dead, Indrajit was dead. Before
that Kumbakarna was dead. Finally Indrajit is dead.
When Indrajit died, Ravana became completely worried. Because he had his confidence
that the monkeys will not be able to defeat him with the help of these two human beings.
But Indrajit, who defeated even Indra and he tied him up with a special rope, the
brahmastra. He used the brahmastra as a rope and he brought Indra to Lanka. And it is
due to Brahma’s request that he released Indra. And he was so powerful and now he is
Finally Ravana came to fight himself on the battlefield. Ravana appeared in the
battlefield riding on his chariot. And Lord Ramacandra was fighting against Ravana, just
standing on the ground on his foot, on his legs. Indra felt that is unfair. Ravana is
fighting on his chariot and Rama is fighting, standing on his feet, like a foot soldier. So,
he immediately sent his chariot and his driver Mathali. Mathali appeared and said that
Indra has sent this chariot to fight against Ravana. Rama accepted that gift of Indra. He
got into the chariot and started to fight against Ravana. And Ravana tried to cut the flag
of Indra’s chariot. But before the arrow could reach the shaft of the chariot, Rama
released an arrow and deflected that arrow of Ravana. Ravana tried to kill the horses of
Indra’s chariot. He shoot many, many arrows to the horses, but nothing happened to
these celestial horses. They are totally unaffected.
In this way the fight ensued. Ravana was releasing so many arrows. Ramacandra was
being hit by some arrows but most of them Rama actually deflected them with his own
arrows. Finally, when Ravana saw that he cannot compete with Rama in this fair battle,
front battle, he took shelter of his mystic power and he made all kinds of weapons, all
kinds of mountain tops,   mountain peaks and bolders fell on Rama but Rama with his
arrows shattered them all to pieces. And this battle was so exciting that all the demigods
appeared on the sky, the sages appeared on the sky, the Gandharvas, Kindharas, the
Siddhas and Caranas they all crowded, crowded on the sky and they were spell bound,
they were stunned seeing this fight. And when the fight was going on in this way, Rama
was releasing his arrows and those arrows were cutting Ravana’s heads but as soon as the
head would fall on the ground, it would again come back, an other head would appear. In
this way Rama cut hundreds of Ravana’s heads. But Ravanas heads were all intact.
Sometimes Ravana was fighting with ten heads, sometimes Ravana was fighting with one
head, assuming his normal form. But Rama was finding it very difficult.
So at that time Mathali, Indra’s chariot driver, told Him, “Ramacandra, why are you
fighting just on your defense? Kill that person! Use Brahmastra! You have the
Brahmastra, so why aren’t You using that?” So then Rama took the Brahmastra which He
received from Agastya Muni. When He was in Dandakaranya Agastya gave Him this
Brahmastra. This Brahmastra, the feather of this arrow, was made with the feathers of
Garuda. The tip of that arrow was empowered with the potency of Agni and Surya, the
Fire god and Sun god. The Meru mountain caused the gravity of that arrow. The potency
of the Meru mountain was invested in that arrow to create the gravity or the weight. And
the shaft of that arrow was created by etheral element. So that is how Brahmastra has
been described.
So Rama just placed that arrow on His bow. And in the mean time all inauspicious signs
began to appear. From nowhere the clouds started to pour blood on Ravana and the
vultures were following Ravana from behind. And jackals started to howl. And Ravana,
seeing that inauspicious sign, could recognize the time has come for him to die. And in
the mean time when Rama placed the arrow all the monkeys became excited, all the
demigods became excited that now this demon is going to meet his end. Whereas all the
Rakshasas they started to shake with fear, tremble with fear. So Rama placed the arrow
on His bow and then He released that arrow. It just went straight on to Ravana’s heart and
the nectar that was there, it dried up the nectar and went straight down to the centre of the
earth, centre of the earth, and then from there it came back to Lord Ramacandra’s quiver.
Ravana’s body fell dead on the ground. So seeing that all the Rakshasas started to flee,
and all the monkeys began to rejoice. Ravana’s chief wives came, headed by Mandodari.
Mandodari was crying, “My Lord, why didn’t you listen to the advice of all your well
wishers? They all told you to return the wife of Rama. If you did that, then probably we
could have enjoyed your association for many, many more years to come. But just
because of your arrogance, that you wouldn’t listen to anybody, you are now lying dead
on the ground.”
Ramacandra asked Vibhishana to do the final rites, the cremation of Ravana. Vibhishana
refused. He said that, “I don’t want to perform the cremation of a sinner like him, who
stole so many people’s wives and took Your eternal consort away from You. I am not
going to perform his funeral.” Ramacandra told him that, “Now that he is dead, all those
animosity should be over. You are the only one remaining in the family to perform his
funeral, because all his sons are dead. Not a single member of the family is surviving
except for you.” So finally, on Rama’s instruction Vibhishana performed Ravana’s
funeral and then Ramacandra coronated Visbhishana on the throne of Lanka.
Then Sita was brought, but Rama, Sita was waiting just to see Rama, but Sita was
surprised the way Rama wanted Her to come to Him. She had to walk like an ordinary
woman, and She was wondering, She was asking Hanuman, “Why is He treating Me like
this? I have undergone so much trials and tribulations because of Him. I was waiting for
this day and now the time has come, He killed Ravana, He wants Me to be in this way,
come to Him in this way, as an ordinary woman.” And then, when She came,
Ramacandra declared that She’ll have to prove Her purity. Sita was, although heartbroken, She was prepared. But at the same time her heart was completely shattered that
why Rama was treating Her like that?
Lord Shiva and Brahma appeared and told Rama, “Rama, why are You treating Sita,
Your eternal consort in this way?” Then Ramacandra said that, “I am a king and I have to
prove my sanctity as well as the sanctity of My wife to My citizens. And that’s why,
before accepting, I want Her to go through this test.” Although Lord Brahma and Lord
Shiva vouched for Sita’s purity, but still Ramachandra would not listen to them. At that
time Brahma actually told Him, “Rama, You forgot who You are! While You are playing
the role of a human being, You forgot that You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead!
You’re behaving just like an ordinary human being.” And finally they admitted that, “I
know that this is Your pastimes and You are playing the role in the most perfect way.”
And Sita entered into the fire, at that time Agnideva appeared, Sungod appeared. I’m
sorry, Firegod appeared and told Rama, Sita is pure. Of course, there is another angle to
this incidence. When Ravana came to steal Sita, Sita took shelter of Agni, because it is a
custom that in the house they always have a flame burning. So even in the cottage of
Lord Ramacandra this flame was burning, so Sita, finding no one there to take shelter of,
took shelter of Agnideva. And Agnideva actually took Sita away and placed a Maya Sita
in Her place, or a Maya Sita appeared in Her place.
So Ravana didn’t steal Sita. What to speak of steal Sita, Ravana cannot even touch Sita
devi. Who actually he stole, was Maya Sita, which has been very wonderfully revealed
by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, this fact. So Ravana then, I am sorry, Agnideva brought
that original Sita to Lord Ramachandra. So when Sita went through this apparent fire test,
the Maya Sita disappeared and original Sita appeared. So in this way, original Sita
appeared, the eternal consort of the Lord, and as I mentioned earlier, then they decided to
go to Ayodhya, because fourteen years period was over. But Vibhishana requested Rama
to stay in Lanka for a little longer. So Rama complied to Vibhishana’s request and He
stayed in Lanka for some time. Then finally they decided to go to Ayodhya. Vibhishana
gave them, gave Ramachandra the Pushpaka chariot and Ramachandra…
Oh, in the meantime another thing happened. Soon after this battle was over, along with
demigods, Indra came. And Indra said, “Lord Ramacandra, although I know who You
are, but still when I come, I grant some boon to whoever sees me. So please ask for a
boon.” So Lord Ramacandra said, “Let all the monkeys come back to life. And wherever
these monkeys reside, all the trees become filled with fruits for their pleasure.” Indra
said, “Although it is a very, very difficult boon to fulfill, I will do it by Your mercy.”
[laughter] And this is how all the monkeys, those who died in the battle, fighting on
behalf of Lord Ramacandra came back to life. So this is how we see, that when we side
with the Supreme Personality of Godhead and no matter how difficult the task is,
ultimately we become not only victorious but we, even if we die in that battle, we regain
our life.
Hare Krishna! Sri Ramachandra ki jaya! Sri Rama Vijayotsava ki jaya! Vijaya Dasami
Mahotsava ki jaya! Jagad Guru Srila Prabhupada ki jaya! Sri Sri Gaura Nitai ki jaya! Sri
Sri Radha Rasabihari ki jaya! Sri Sri Sita Rama Lakshmana Hanumana ki jaya! Gaura
Premanande Hari Haribol! All glories to the assembled devotees! [Hare Krishna] All
glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Namo Om Visnu Padaya Krishna Presthaya Bhutale Srimate Bhaktivedanta Swamin Iti
Namaste Saraswate Deve Gaura Vani Pracharine Nirvisesa Sunyavadi Paschatya Desa